How will temperature extremes change in the future?

What will future extreme weather events look like for my location?

How might my orchard/farm be affected?

What do I need to plan for in terms of future frosts and droughts?

If you run your own farm, orchard or vineyard or just want to pick the best location for your new home accounting for the effects of climate change, wouldn’t it be good to know what will happen to temperature in the coming years so that you can make a fully informed decision? The answers to these questions can be found here.

Select your location by clicking on the map or entering the latitude and longitude into the edit boxes below. Select your variable of interest (see Variables tab for more information).Then press submit. You may need to wait for up to a minute for the graphics to appear. For information on the output produced see the Output tab.

The information provided through this web page is based on a wide variety of regional climate model simulations produced as part of the CCII project.